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All the best things about having a hamster

Thinking about getting a hamster? Or already have one? Join us in celebrating all the best things about having a hamster! These loveable bundles of nocturnal energy pull at our heartstrings with their amusing antics and pint-sized proportions.  So whether you’re looking to add a hamster to your family, or are a seasoned hamster owner, here are the greatest things about owning these pocket pets. 

Hamster sat down eating

Small size, big personalities 

If you’ve ever come face-to-face with a hamster, you know firsthand how small they are. But if you’ve spent any amount of time with a hamster during their waking hours, you’ll quickly learn that they are quirky and animated animals. Like other rodents, hamsters are smart and curious, and each have their own unique personalities. From sweet and meek, to boisterous and outgoing, and everything in between, you’re sure to find a hamster that suits your own personality. 

Some hamsters are runners, while others prefer climbing their hideouts, ramps, or through tubes. Some hamsters prefer lounging in their food bowls, passed out after a midday snack, but others are dedicated to their sleep, hiding away peacefully all day until evening when they emerge for their waking hours. When hamsters do wake, you’ll likely witness a dramatic stretching display, complete with a wide yawn that prominently displays their long, yellow-orange incisors. This reach, stretch, and yawn routine makes for great photo-ops, so be sure to have a camera nearby. 

Adorable cheek pouches

Chipmunks aren’t the only animals known for their expandable cheeks. All hamsters have cheek pouches that they use in practical, but amusing ways. In the wild, hamsters use these cheek pouches to transfer food and bedding to their burrows, much like we use shopping bags or purses. Once they’ve reached their destination, they’ll “unpack” their cheeks and stuff their treasures for future use. 

Our pet hamsters have held onto this habit. In fact, the word “hamster” comes from the German word “hamstern”, which means “hoarder.” If you watch your hoarding pet hard at work, you’ll see them fast and furiously stuffing their pouches with food, carrying it off to their burrowing spot of choice. They’ll then deposit their grocery haul to save for a midnight snack – or perhaps as a present for you to find the next time you clean their enclosure. 

Nighttime play sessions 

Are you a night owl by nature? Then you’ll be in good company with a hamster. Since hamsters are nocturnal, they will sleep all day and be awake the majority of the night. This makes them perfect pets for students or pet parents that work a typical 9-5 schedule. By the time you get home and unwind for the day, your hamster will be ready to play. 

You can expect your hamster to be ready for action once the sun goes down, and they’ll be ready to party all night long. So, if you prefer staying up late as opposed to early mornings, you can put in some quality time with your pocket pet. Create a maze for your hamster, watch them run around their playpen, or munch on a midnight snack of fresh veggies together. 

Quiet companions 

Hamsters can make small squeaking noises, but for the most part, are relatively quiet pets. The majority of the noise they make is from their habitat: a spinning exercise wheel, scratching of claws on the bottom of their bedding tray, or scurrying through tunnels. All of these sounds may wake light sleepers, so it is recommended to house hamsters in rooms that aren’t occupied overnight. 

During the day your hamster will be sleeping and totally silent. You can occasionally catch them venturing out for a snack or a sip of water, only to retreat back to their den for some much needed rest and relaxation. Their quiet presence is perfect for home offices, living rooms, or other spaces that may host a variety of daytime activities. 

Easily entertained 

Hamsters can find fun in just about any situation, which is part of what makes them so loveable. Homemade toys or tunnels and mazes made from cardboard boxes and paper tubes are instant playground materials for your hamster. Or, give them a simple exercise wheel, and they’ll entertain themselves for hours. Other toys like hamster exercise balls, chews and gnaws, or playpens all make for exciting (supervised) playtime sessions. 

You’ll be amazed by how easily your hamsters are able to entertain you too. Even if you aren’t actively handling your hamster, you can observe their amazing acrobatic feats inside of their tunnels, adorable cheek-stuffing antics, and their charismatic personalities on display. 

Low maintenance 

When compared to other pets, it really doesn’t take much to maintain hamsters and their habitats. Weekly cage cleaning and daily feeding and watering if needed are the basic requirements of caring for your hamster. Of course you can spend more time than this with your hamster, whether by playing with and handling them, or through rearranging their setup or giving it a deep-cleaning. 

Playing with your hamster can be as complex or simple as you’d like – either way, your hamster will just be happy to spend time with you. Some hamsters enjoy sitting in their owner’s shirt pockets or being held during movie time, while others may prefer to roam around in their playpen or other safe space. Whatever activity you and your hamster find to do together, it will be a bonding experience. 

Omlet and your hamster 

Hamsters make amazing pets. They’re fun to play with, care for, and learn from. And when you house them in hamster habitats that make it easy to interact with them, the connection between owner and pet becomes natural. 

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