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Festive fun for your flock

Chicken outside in the snow with fairy lights

Winter is a fun and festive season for humans and chickens alike. Chickens fare much better in colder temperatures than in the heat, so the chilly days ahead are perfect for spending quality time with your hens. Find out how festive fun for your flock can keep their minds and bodies busy while building a deeper bond with you. 

Are my chickens ok in the cold? 

First, it’s important to understand that the majority of chickens fare better in the cold than they do in the heat. Even if you aren’t a fan of the cold, your hens are likely enjoying the winter season more than the sweltering summer heat. Assuming your flock is fully feathered at the end of their molting season, they’ll be able to withstand temperatures below freezing. So, while you may be able to curl up by the fire with your furry family members, don’t feel too sorry for the feathered family outside – just bundle up and join them for some wintertime fun. 

Bonding with your flock

Chickens can become very attached to their caretakers, making the bonds between hens and humans both unique and beautiful. In fact,  hens make great pets for older people, and flocks are both fun and educational for children

The cooler temperatures and shorter days of winter bring families and their furry family members closer together – but that doesn’t mean your flock needs to be left out in the cold. While they’re weathering the lower overnight temperatures in their insulated chicken coops, there are things you can add to their run and activities to enjoy along with your flock on a winter’s day. 

Christmas treats

Special holiday treats can be served to your flock to help them enjoy the season. A chicken Christmas morning breakfast mash consisting of oats, raisins, corn, hot water and spices makes a festive offering that’s especially cheerful on a chilly morning. Bring your own cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a crisp morning with your flock and your respective steaming treats. Other Christmas treats that can be served to your flock include: 

  • Leafy greens 
  • Brussel sprouts 
  • Bell Peppers 

These alongside protein-rich treats like alfalfa hay can be served in a Caddi Treat Holder to keep them up off of the frozen ground. 

Fun in the run

One of the best ways to spend time with your flock is to extend their run space. This is particularly beneficial in the winter months, as they’ll have more room to move around and generate body heat. Cooler weather is the perfect time to add space with Walk In Chicken Run Extensions, or add a whole new area with Chicken Fencing

Chicken Run Covers will shelter you and your hens from the snow while spending time outdoors. Clear covers allow warming rays of sun through, so that you and your hens can enjoy the elusive winter rays together. With the run or yard set up, you’ll be able to invite your hens to play some games that will warm their bodies – and your heart. 

Games for your flock

Chicken toys help keep your hens warm by encouraging them to move more, and keeping them up off of the frozen ground. And, with your winter treat offerings, you can build their confidence and your bond with them as you teach them to come, perch, flap, or hop on command. Toys like a Freestanding Pole Tree are the perfect height to interact with your hens at waist level and teach them new tricks. Or, increase their reach with a PoleTree and visit with your flock face-to-face. 

Other ideas for activities that you can enjoy with your flock include: 

  • Rolling a toy ball (usually those made for cats) filled with dried mealworms or another favorite treat 
  • Creating a forage area with hay or straw and scattering scratch, dried insects, raisins, or other small treats throughout 
  • Create strands of edible Christmas garland made from unseasoned popped corn and unsweetened cranberries to decorate around the inside of their run

Also consider posing with your hens in some of your family’s Christmas photos, or take some festive photos of your flock playing in the snow for a unique addition to holiday cards. 

Omlet and your flock

Connecting with your chickens in the colder weather doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our Chicken Toys and Accessories are designed to bring you closer than ever to your feathered family members. You may not be able to bring your hens inside for the holidays, but making their season bright will keep them close to your heart. With a warm hen house like the Eglu Cube Chicken Coop and a spacious Walk In Chicken Run, your flock will keep comfortable in their winter wonderland while building an even more wondrous connection with you. 

Omlet Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop in the snow with fairy lights

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