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Do cats get bored?

Grey cat curled up on Omlet's Freestyle Cat Tree

Cats are known for their independent and mysterious nature, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to boredom. Beneath that cool exterior of fur and cuteness lies a complex world of emotions and instincts. Just like humans, our feline friends can experience bouts of restlessness and boredom if they’re not adequately stimulated. In this blog, we’ll explore whether all cats get bored, decipher the subtle signs of discontent your cat may be dropping, and dive into some creative boredom-busting ideas that will have your furry friend purring with delight.

Do all cats get bored?

While every cat has their own unique personality, it’s safe to say that all cats can experience boredom to some extent. Factors such as cat breed and individual temperament can have a big influence on a cat’s susceptibility to boredom. Active breeds such as the Bengal and Siamese cats often require more mental and physical engagement than their lazier counterparts.  

Age is another major player in the cat boredom game. Kittens and younger cats have higher energy levels and are more prone to boredom if not stimulated adequately. On the other hand, older cats may become more content to lounge around as they age and, as a result, less prone to boredom. 

Did you know boredom can strike both indoor and outdoor cats? While it may seem obvious that indoor cats would be more prone to boredom, the truth is even outdoor cats can experience the restlessness of this feeling. Stimulation is key to any cat’s happiness and without it – no matter their environment – boredom can hit.

But keep in mind that all cats are natural-born hunters and explorers. So no matter their age or breed, when cats lack opportunities to exercise their natural instincts, they can become bored. While not all cats get bored in the same way, every cat can benefit from boredom-busting activities.

Signs that your cat is bored

Recognizing boredom in your cat is a lot like deciphering a secret code. But fear not, there are plenty of telltale signs you can keep watch for to help you give your cat the best care and attention they need

  • Destructive behavior: Some cats cry for attention with their meows, but if you notice your cat scratching on furniture, pulling on cords, or knocking things off shelves, more than likely they are communicating with you that they’re bored. One of the most common signs of cat boredom is destructive behavior and the only real remedy is cat-approved stimulation.
  • Excessive grooming: It’s no secret that cats like to groom themselves often as part of their self-care routine. But, when the grooming becomes excessive, leading to hairballs or irritated skin, that’s often a sign of boredom.
  • Increased sleep: Cats are known for their love affair with sleep – we don’t call it “cat nap” for no reason. But, throughout the day, your cat should still be experiencing bursts of intermittent play and energy. If you notice they’re sleeping far more than usual, it might be a sign of boredom.
  • Pacing or restlessness: If you’ve ever witnessed your cat wandering aimlessly around your house, you may have seen their boredom first-hand. An under-stimulated cat will often lead to a bored cat and restlessness is a sure sign they’re looking for something to do.

Paying close attention to your cat’s behavior is not only important for identifying if they are bored, but it also allows you to stay on top of their health as well. If you notice your cat suddenly behaving differently or not being cured with stimulating activities, be sure to contact your vet.

Boredom-busting ideas for your cat

Now that you’ve identified all the signs of boredom in your feline friend, it’s time to get creative and provide some boredom-busting solutions.

Cat scratchers

All cats love to scratch. No matter their breed, age, or temperament, scratching is an innate cat behavior that can cure any feline feeling of boredom. So if you want to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts, get them a strong and reliable cat scratcher. Not only does the act of scratching offer the physical exercise and mental stimulation your cat craves, but it also opens up their desire to explore and keeps those antsy feelings at bay.

Cat trees

Second to scratching, cats love to climb. So, what better way to show your cat you care than with a cat tree? Unlike standard cat trees, the Freestyle Customizable Cat Tree by Omlet is the ideal solution, as you can customize an indoor or outdoor tree of your cat’s dreams. Give your cat an expanded territory of enrichment with the Freestyle Cat Tree accessories that let your cat lounge in a hammock, peek from a perch, or scratch on a post and watch their boredom fade away. 

Cat toys

One of the fastest ways to bust your cat’s boredom is to invest in some interactive cat toys that require your feline friend to think and play. Dedicate some quality play time each day with toys like laser pointers and feather wands to keep your cat entertained and happy. And to keep it interesting, don’t forget to rotate the toys you use to play with your cat so they seem “new” and entertaining every time.

Cat brain games

While all the products above can be mentally and physically stimulating for your cat, there are a few things you can do to bust their boredom that don’t require any products at all. Enter cat brain games. For example, you could try a mealtime treasure hunt by placing their food in different spots in the house, playing to your cat’s innate need to hunt for their food. Or how about a game of Guess the Cup? Hide one of your cat’s favorite treats under a cup next to two identical cups that are empty. Switch the cups around in front of your cat and see if they can guess which one their treat is hiding under. These mentally stimulating games keep your cat’s brain alert and focused which means boredom will be banished in no time.

Omlet and your cat

In the enigmatic world of cats, boredom can creep in just as easily as it can for any other animal. At Omlet, we make our products for all cats no matter their breed, age, or boredom level. Our designs, like the Sustainable Cat Scratching Posts and Freestyle Customizable Cat Trees, help to transform your cat’s world from dull to dazzling, ensuring they lead a happy life, one paw at a time. Best of all, Omlet products are designed to bring you and your cat closer, so you can beat boredom together. 

Cat wrapped around the Omlet Stak Cat Scratcher

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