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Just like humans, cats have their own love language. Whether through soft meows, head-butting snuggles, or the delivery of toys to your lap, our feline friends have unique, and often subtle, ways of communicating their love and affection. So understanding your cat’s specific love language gives you the ability to unlock a treasure trove of their emotions to help you better know your furry love. Let’s explore all the ways your cat speaks their love to you and how Omlet can bring you closer when you know your cat’s specific love language.

Find your feline’s love language with the Freestyle cat tree

One of the fastest ways you can identify your cat’s love language is by observing how they act when they want attention or affection. And one of the best products to observe their behavior on is the Freestyle cat tree designed by Omlet. A truly customizable cat climbing tower, the cat tree offers a variety of different accessories designed to meet the various personalities and love languages of felines. 

What about cats that like to spend more time outside in the safety and comfort of their outdoor cat enclosure? The Outdoor Freestyle cat tree is the perfect solution. At Omlet, we design products for all cats, indoor and outdoor alike, so we engineered the Outdoor Freestyle cat tree with the same enjoyable accessories to revolutionize the way your cat shows love in the great outdoors. 

But when it comes to love languages and cats, we took the guesswork out of the feline. With our 3 pre-customized Freestyle cat trees, you can answer the call of your cat’s specific style of love with a climbing tower that speaks their specific language. 

Words of affection – The Meower cat tree

Purring and meowing are some of the most well-known sounds to emanate from cats. But when our feline friends “speak” these sounds, it’s not just an auditory delight; it’s an expression of their love and contentment. The gentle vibrating hum of a purr or the soft, distinct shrill of a meow is a cat’s way of telling you, “I feel safe and loved in your presence”.

At Omlet, we design our cat creations from a personal pet parenting experience. And we know that cats who show love through words of affection (meowing and purring) may not always want to be close to you physically but still want you to know they are near. So we designed the Meower Freestyle cat tree with accessories that would comfort this feline’s communication style of love.

  • Bamboo platform with hammock: A secluded place to rest high above the ground, the platform hammock answers the call of the meower’s love language. Listen to the love sounds of your feline friend as they snuggle in the comfort of their own domain.
  • Bamboo platform with cushion: Encourage your cat to speak their love freely from atop the plush cushion of this sturdy and sizable platform. Big enough for your cat to catch a snooze on, your lover of words will love this extra spot to cat nap on.
  • Bamboo step with cushion: We’ve included not one, but two, cushioned steps in this pre-designed cat tree to give your feline friend the freedom to jump about as they meow their love to you with joy. 
  • Plant pot and holder: Adding plants to your cat tree not only enhances the environment, but for cats whose love language is words of affection, the delightful addition of cat-friendly plants shows your love for them in return.

Physical touch – The Snuggler cat tree

As pet owners, we’ve all experienced moments when our cat curls up next to us, gently kneads their paws on our laps, or leans into our touch with a contented purr. This behavior is indicative of cats whose love language is through physical touch. In fact, snuggling is one the most intimate ways in which cats demonstrate their affection and it’s their way of saying “I trust you”.

We know that nurturing the snuggly side of your cat is imperative to their love language, which is why we designed the Snuggler Freestyle cat tree to give your “touchy-feely” cat exactly what they need. 

  • Bamboo platform with cushion: For cats that give and receive love through physical touch, being close to their person is all that matters. The platform is the perfect place to receive pets and give head-butts all while at your eye level. 
  • Bamboo step with cushion: Movement is key for cats that show love through physical touch, so we designed The Snuggler with steps to jump off from so they can move about with ease, or simply jump closer near you.
  • Bamboo platform with den: Even the most energetic of cats needs a nap (or nine!) throughout the day. But for the felines who speak love through physical touch, they want to be sure you are always within arm’s reach. This peek-a-boo den allows for your furry friend to get cozy while still staying connected.
  • Sisal scratching rope: A scratch a day makes a snuggler cat love away! And to ensure your physical touch-loving feline friend gets what they need, we added the sisal scratching rope to help them manicure their paws for the next time they knead in your lap.

Gifts – The Artist cat tree

Forget flowers and chocolates – for the cats whose love language is spoken through gifts, prepared to be adorned with toys, tokens, or even a thoughtful present on your doorstep.

Cats are natural hunters and for some kitties, the best way they know how to tell you they “love you to the moon and back” is through capturing and delivering surprises to you and playing adventurous games. 

When we challenged our Omlet designers to create a Freestyle cat tree that was custom in this type of cat’s love language, we knew we were asking for a lot. A gift giver, after all, is like an artist – creative in their endeavors and multi-passionate in all they do. So we took several of the accessories on other pre-customized cat trees, to include the sisal scratching post, plant pot and holder, and bamboo cushioned step, and added these additional pieces that foster the artistry of every gift-loving feline in the Artist Cat Tree.

  • Bamboo bridge with sheepskin cover: What’s better than one Freestyle cat tree? Two Freestyle cat trees! And with the bamboo bridge, you can easily connect the two trees together allowing your cat who loves adventure to appreciate a new way to exercise their love language.
  • Cat food bowl and holder: Cats that are easily entertained by toys and games are also easily quick to get hungry. So instead of pausing the fun to get some dinner, we added a food bowl to the Artist cat tree to allow your gift-giving feline the flexibility to feast at leisure.
  • Cat treat dish and holder: The gifting love language in cats is spoken in both directions – giving and receiving. When your furry friend brings a feather or toy to you in adoration, you can show your appreciation in return by giving them some cat treats in the attached treat dish. 
  • Cardboard wave scratching box: All cats like to scratch – no matter their love language. But for cats who like to give gifts to show love, separate scratching posts tell them that you understand and appreciate their innate natural behaviors. And this acknowledgement only strengthens your bond together.

Omlet Freestyle cat tree love languages

How else do cats show love?

Cats, like humans, are all individuals and the way they show love can vary from one cat to another. Some cats are overt in their display of affection while others are more subtle in how they share their feelings. Let’s take a look at some additional love languages your feline friend may be fond of:

  • Eye contact – Did you know half-lidded cat eyes are a sign of trust and affection? In the feline world, direct eye contact can be seen as a challenge or threat so if your kitty gives you a slow blink or relaxed gaze it means they feel comfortable and safe around you.
  • Showing vulnerability – Cats are vulnerable animals by nature, and when they display their belly to you, it means they trust you completely. A cat’s belly is a sensitive area and not a body part they will expose to just anyone. So if your cat rolls on their back for a belly rub it’s a gesture of openness and love.
  • Tail position – You can learn a lot from your cat’s tail. If it’s raised high in the air your cat is feeling friendly and happy in your presence. Conversely, a tucked tail means they are feeling unsafe and will signal you to check any surroundings that are causing them anxiety.

Omlet and your cat’s love

At Omlet, we challenge the pet care norm to go beyond the standard pet care products to design unique ways you can support your cat’s love language and individual personality. By understanding how your cat communicates, we know you can strengthen the bond with your feline friend. With The Meower Freestyle Cat Tree, Snuggler Freestyle Cat Tree, and Artist Freestyle Cat Tree, we customized an environment that offers personalized experiences to your cat. And by catering to your cat’s unique needs you will both lead a happy and more fulfilled life together.

Man with his cat using the Omlet indoor Freestyle cat tree

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