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15 signs that your cat loves you

Cat sat inside Maya Indoor Cat House with another cat on top being stroked

Cats have a reputation for being aloof but in reality, their behavior is often misinterpreted when compared to a dog’s. They might not greet you with a “welcome home” bark or wagging tail but cats actually form very strong bonds with their beloved owners, and the subtlety of their affection is all part of the feline charm. Discover more about what your four-legged friend is trying to communicate with these 15 signs that your cat loves you.

1. Your cat greets you when you open the door

The welcoming meow, the erect tale, the eager trot towards you… if that’s not a happy cat, we don’t know what is! Some cats even acquire an uncanny knack for predicting your arrival, sitting by the door or window and waiting for you before there’s any sight or sound of you in the street. But you’ll need to verify that psychic trick with one of the other humans in the house…

2. Your cat enjoys being stroked

While it’s true that some cats just love being stroked no matter who’s doing the stroking, many don’t like being manhandled at all. If your cat shies away from an over-friendly stranger or discourages them with a claw or two, but lets you stroke them, that’s definitely love.

3. They groom you

You probably groom your cat but have you ever thought about your cat grooming you? Cats can show their love for their owners by giving them their own version of a groom by licking. So, next time you’re being licked by your cat’s sandpaper-like tongue, take this as a sign of affection that means they see you as family.

4. Your cat gazes at you

If your cat looks into your eyes without turning away, they’re completely relaxed in your company. A long, slow blink is a good sign too. A cat will normally interpret staring as a sign of aggression and will look away (or run away) but if they’re relaxed enough to meet your gaze lovingly, take it as a great compliment.

5. They head-butt you

Cats rub against humans and furniture with little discrimination. But, a full-on head-butt rub is a sign of affection, and doesn’t just mean they only want some food!

6. They bring you presents

Okay, this isn’t your cat’s most endearing habit, but the ‘gift’ of rodents – dead, half-dead or very much alive – is a sign that they feel secure and at home, according to some experts. There’s also a school of thought that interprets it as affection – it’s something a mother cat would do for her kittens, teaching them how to handle prey. Curious about what else your cat is bringing home? Take a read of our Cats and wildlife in the backyard blog for more.

7. Your cat meows a lot

Cats are thought to have a special ‘meow’ for humans. If your cat mews, gurgles and vocalises a lot in your presence, they’re telling you how much they love you. If your cat has stopped meowing though, it could be a number of factors. Other than being a little stressed out, they could be experiencing allergies, recovering from recent surgery or a temporary loss of voice!

8. Your cat gives you the twitchy tail treatment

When your cat walks up to you, tail erect and twitching, they’re letting you know how pleased they are to see you. Sometimes it’s because they know it’s food time, but it’s also often simple affection.

9. They fall asleep on you

Cats are always wary and need to feel super-secure when choosing somewhere to snooze. If they choose you as their bed, take it as a sign of complete trust and contentment. But, as great as it is to be chosen as your cat’s sleeping spot, they do need an actual cat bed. Omlet’s Maya Donut cat bed is a great choice and with a pillowy-soft feel and designer feet for home hygiene, this luxury cat bed is perfect for felines and humans alike. Pair with a super cozy cat blanket for ultimate comfort that your furry friend won’t be able to resist.

10. Your cat sticks their bottom in your face

Cats have scent glands on their rear ends, a kind of scented ID. If your pet presents you with their behind, it means you’re a friend. Don’t feel you have to reciprocate, though…

11. They show their belly

A cat that rolls on their back and invites you to rub their tummy is very chilled and sees you as a friend and playmate. But that doesn’t mean they won’t use their claws in the belly-rubbing game that follows, so watch out!

12. Purrrrrrrrrs

Cats purr for a number of reasons and whilst this soft rumble doesn’t always mean they’re happy, most of the time it does. Other times you might notice your cat purring if they’re hungry, frightened, or injured.

13. Your cat gently nibbles you

The soft nibble of a friendly cat is very different from an aggressive bite. Some cats use this oral greeting as a means of bonding with their human friends. Some owners, however, discourage it, as even a gentle nibble can be a little uncomfortable if the cat gets over-enthusiastic.

14. They follow at your heels

If it’s not food time, this behavior is a sign of pure affection and your cat simply wants to be with you. Some cats tag along with their owners outdoors, and many are very happy to follow their best friends to bed. Once you’ve let them adopt this habit, it’s a hard one to break.

15. Your cat kneads you

This behavior is thought to originate in kittens, pawing their mums to stimulate milk flow. If your cat does it to you, take it as a sign of affection, bonding and trust. 

Omlet and your cat’s love

At Omlet, we’re not mistaken that cats definitely love their people – even if they show it a little differently. That’s why we design cat products to support the various personalities cats celebrate their differences. From cozy cat beds, to snuggly cat blankets and sustainable cat scratchers, Omlet has a range of ingenious inventions that your love will love.

Owner stroking her cat on the Omlet Maya Donut cat bed

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