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How to Fix a Wooden Chicken Coop 

Omlet Automatic Chicken Coop Door on wooden Boughton chicken coop

Do you have a wooden chicken coop in need of some home improvements? All wooden coops need routine maintenance and refurbishing – sometimes on a yearly basis. But how long should you expect a wooden chicken coop to last? 

Chickens have been kept in various structures throughout history: barns, coops, even baskets! But over time coops have become the most popular hen-housing option, with wood being the most common material used for construction. Wood is easy to work with and relatively inexpensive, which makes it a favorite among DIY enthusiasts and coop supply companies alike. But the downside to wood is that it does not withstand the test of time and will inevitably require upkeep over the years. 

When considering whether to make updates to a wooden chicken coop or to start fresh with a new design, several factors should be considered: Do you like the idea of a coop that can be easily moved? Easily cleaned? Resistant to mites, moisture buildup, and predators? If so, changing from a wooden coop to a plastic chicken coop will be a better option! 

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 

This proverb holds true for many things, but wooden chicken coops are not among them! Even if your chickens’ wooden coop seems structurally sound, attention to detail is crucial to the health and wellbeing of your hens. If you notice the following issues with your wooden coop, it’s time to make repairs: 

  • Moisture buildup, or the presence of mold or mildew 
  • Sagging boards, gaps, or holes that cause drafts
  • Rotting wood 

It’s important to remove any affected boards and replace them with treated wood. If the siding or roof of the coop is involved, you’ll need to cut out the affected sections. Rotting wood is not only a hazard to your chickens, it’s also breeding grounds for parasites and bacteria or fungus. Remove any questionable sections of your chickens’ coop as soon as possible! 

Small repairs may not be time consuming, but replacing larger sections of a wooden chicken coop requires both time and resources. You’ll also need to evaluate if the affected sections are going to compromise the structural integrity of the rest of the coop. If so, it may be time for a new chicken coop. 

Enter: plastic chicken coops 

The alternative to traditional wooden coops is the Eglu Cube Chicken Coop. Made from sturdy plastic, these chicken coops are easy to clean, move, are predator resistant, and require zero maintenance. The twin-wall insulation keeps cold and heat out during their respective seasons, while maintaining just the right amount of ventilation to create healthy air circulation. Additionally, these plastic coops can be pressure washed and thoroughly disinfected, creating a much healthier environment for your hens. 

The Eglu Cube Chicken Coop never has to be painted, re-roofed, or weather treated like traditional wooden chicken coops – saving countless hours and dollars. It’s easy to assemble, and once erected, this heavy-duty plastic chicken coop is easy to move around the yard with the help of its integrated wheels and handles! 

Are your hens happy in their wooden coop? If their coop is drafty, poorly insulated, or harboring mold or parasites, it’s definitely time to make a change! 

Eglus for egg-layers 

Aside from scoring bonus points for “being different,” Eglu chicken coops also earn high marks among chickens! Providing a cozy space, the Eglu’s insulating design utilizes your hens’ body heat to keep them warm even on the coldest nights. The Eglu Cube and Eglu Go Up Chicken Coops both offer the raised roosting space that chickens seek out at bedtime. Add in an automatic chicken coop door and you’ll be sure your hens are tucked in tight every night! 

Plastic surfaces are inhospitable for parasites such as mites that so often plague chickens. And with the unique design of the Eglu, just the right amount of air circulation takes place without letting in drafts. No moisture buildup, mildew, or mold in a well ventilated coop makes for healthy and happy hens. 

No more small roosting bars for your birds to balance on overnight – the Eglu Cube has an entire roosting rack complete with a droppings tray that can be easily removed and cleaned. Your hens will appreciate the break their toes receive when they’re able to get as comfy as they please at bedtime! 

Eglus for egg-aficionados 

Loved by chickens, but adored by their keepers – Eglu chicken coops are an all-in-one solution for flock-tending! Plastic coops don’t require any routine maintenance, and all of our Eglu chicken coops have removable parts for quick, but thorough cleanings. Spray them down with a hose or pressure washer, and finish with a quick spray of chicken-safe disinfectant for a fresh coop in minutes! 

Not sure if you love where you decided to put your chickens’ coop? With integrated handles and wheels, the Eglu Cube can be moved with ease by one person! A chicken tractor that doesn’t require helping hands to move is always a win in the chicken-keepers book.

One and done – once an Eglu is assembled, that’s it! No maintenance, painting, removing rotten pieces, or making modifications. From the time the last piece goes into place, an Eglu is ready for hens for many years to come. 

Eglus are built for winter

Not just a clever play on words, the Eglu’s unique design offers your hens optimal warmth throughout the cold months. Similar to double-paned windows, the twin-layer walls offer superior insulation by keeping your hens’ body heat in and the cold air out. A pocket of air surrounds the entire Eglu while still maintaining proper ventilation. The result? A toasty warm, well ventilated chicken coop! 

In the debate of “Eglu Cube vs Wooden Chicken Coop – Which Will Stay Warmer?”, the Eglu Cube is the clear winner. Wood is too porous to truly insulate, and while spray or roll-insulation can be utilized in wooden coops, the process of layering such material between two sections of wood makes the coop much too heavy to move. Air as an insulator is much lighter and more effective for trapping heat. 

No added insulation is needed with an Eglu chicken coop, unless your area has sustained, frigid temperatures. Optional extreme weather jackets can be added as a protective layer in climates that experience severe winter weather. All you need to do to ensure your hens stay warm in their Eglu during winter nights is close them in – the Eglu and your hens’ body heat will do the rest! 

Wooden coop vs plastic coop care and upkeep 

It’s important to remember that all wooden coops will require ongoing repairs and upkeep. Common wooden coop maintenance includes: 

  • Replacing weather-worn or rotten boards 
  • Hosing down or washing, allowing several hours for the wood to dry
  • Reapplying paint or weather treatment (must be chicken-safe!) 
  • Replacing shingles on roofs  
  • Patching holes created by insects
  • Applying diatomaceous earth or other chicken-safe pest control products to the interior and exterior perimeter

In contrast, plastic chicken coops such as the Eglu Cube don’t require any maintenance over the years. Once assembled, they’re ready to keep chickens safe and healthy for years to come! Pressure washing or hosing down the removable interior pieces and changing the bedding in the nesting area and in the droppings tray is the extent of maintenance for plastic chicken coops. 

Complete the setup 

We have an entire line of chicken products dedicated to keeping your chickens healthy and happy, while ensuring that caring for your flock is easy and enjoyable. Some of the companion products that integrate seamlessly with an Eglu chicken coop include: 

Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that these products will not require routine maintenance, but also in the confidence that your hens are housed in meticulously designed coops and runs that will keep them safe and feeling their best! 

Chicken chores? We don’t think so! 

At Omlet, we invent products that turn chores into enjoyable activities for you and your entire family. Our chicken products make caring for flocks easier than ever – and less time maintaining or cleaning your chickens’ area means more time to enjoy their company! Designed with new and seasoned chicken keepers in mind, our Eglu chicken coops check the list for all backyard flocks. 

Ready to make the switch from a wooden chicken coop to a zero-maintenance plastic coop? Let us know, and our team of experts will help you pick out the perfect setup for your flock!

Omlet Eglu Cube Chicken Coop and Walk In Chicken Run

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