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New Cat Checklist

You’ve searched high and low and finally found your new feline friend to be your forever bestie – congratulations! But wait – do you have everything you need to make your new cat feel at home? Have you prepped your house with all the necessary new cat essentials?

Don’t fret! We have you covered! Before you go buying too much kitty litter, take a look at this new cat checklist to make sure your feline friend has everything they need before they move in!


It should go without saying that food and water are basic essentials to have plenty of when bringing home a new cat. But how do you know what food to buy? Cats and kittens need different food as the digestive systems of kittens are still developing and require a more specialized diet. 

While there are many brands and options of cat food to choose from, it is important that you find one that has the ingredient taurine. An amino acid that makes up proteins in plants and animals, taurine is essential in a cat’s diet to aid in heart, retinal, and digestive functions. Feeding your cat an all vegetarian diet is a no-no! Cats are one of the truest carnivore animals and they require protein in their diet to keep them healthy. So be sure you read the labels before buying their food!

It’s also important to remember that cats are curious by nature and like to bat objects with their paws…such as food bowls! So be sure to have sturdy bowls that won’t tip over and are also easy to clean!

Litter box

Ah, the kitty litter box! If you have ever been a cat parent then you know all too well just how essential this item is. We have to remind ourselves that litter boxes are the equivalent to our favorite bathroom in the house! So when it comes to buying the right litter box for your new cat, size matters! 

The general rule of thumb is to buy a litter box that is 1 ½ times the length of your cat. Your feline friend is fickle and doesn’t want to feel cramped when using the toilet! And can you really blame them? Since this is the spot that your cat will do all their “business”, adding some privacy with an enclosed cat litter box is always a good idea!

The Omlet Maya Cat Litter Box is a great option as it offers a range of entry point options to suit any cat. The sleek enclosed design not only minimizes smells and messes, but doubles as a piece of furniture for your interior design. And speaking of smells, check out these scented cat litters that are not only a healthy choice for your nose, but for your cat and the environment as well!

Cat weaving through Omlet cat litter bags

Grooming and hygiene

Believe it or not, one of the best bonding activities for you to do with your cat is to brush them. Yes, that’s right! While cats typically do self-grooming all day long, they actually love the sensation of being groomed! And long-haired cats, like Persians or Maine Coons, need daily attention to their coats to keep them healthy! So be sure you have a good comb or brush to help your cat stay tangle free!

When it comes to baths and nail trimming, sometimes this is best left to the professionals like your veterinarian or a professional groomer. It’s important to keep these essential hygiene needs as positive experiences, so if you feel you are unable to handle a cat in the water, then seek the advice from your vet for options!

Cat toys

There really is no better way to form a long lasting bond with your cat than through play! Cats are predatory by nature and have instinctual needs to release bursts of energy. Playing also helps your cat to relieve any boredom that could lead to too much curiosity! And what better way to give your cat some good exercise than through a fun play session!

So be sure you have plenty of cat toys on hand before bringing your new cat home. And then take some time each day to engage with your cat. The mental and physical stimulation they will receive in just 10 minutes of play each day will be beneficial for their lifetime!

Cat bed

Cats like to sleep…A LOT! So one of the key essentials to have for your new cat is a bed! But not just any bed will do! In the wild, cats often sleep in elevated places to avoid predators or in homemade dens to feel comforted and secluded. So when buying the right bed for your cat, be sure you find one that suits their specific needs.

The Omlet Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed is a perfect option as it addresses your cat’s specific needs of support and comfort! This cozy, ultra-soft cat bed delivers a first-class sleeping experience to any cat! With a slight elevation and nested cushioning, your cat will find this bed to be the best cat nap spot in the house! And bonus – the cover is machine washable so you can keep your cat and their sleeping quarters clean!

Cat tree

If you want to keep your furniture free from scratches, then you will need to invest in a good cat tree! Not only do they allow your cat the ability to get out any stress or anxiety through scratching, but cat trees offer a multitude of other benefits! Just like in nature, cats like to have a top down viewpoint of their surroundings to feel safe and secure. A cat tree gives them that ability to get up high and escape in solitary when needed.

The Omlet Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree is your one stop shop for cat tree needs! This fully customizable cat tower is any feline’s fantasy! While most cat trees can be bulky and take up a lot of space, the Freestyle Cat Tree efficiently provides your cat with all their climbing and jumping desires. The unique sleek design, complete with plant pots, makes this cat tree a wonderful addition to your interior that both you and your cat will love!

In addition, this cat climbing tower is available to customize with almost every accessory imaginable! From hammocks to cushioned platforms, your cat will be wildly engaged and entertained all day!

Cat climbing on Omlet Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree with hammock

Outdoor essentials

Think about how good you feel when you step outside into a warm burst of sunshine and breathe in a deep breath of fresh air. Your cat feels the same way! In fact, the benefits of fresh air for your cat are incredible and help to provide a healthier and longer life. But how do you safely let your cat explore the outdoors? Answer: with an outdoor cat enclosure!

Unlike dogs, domesticated cats are not as easy to train with sit and stay commands. In order for them to safely explore the outdoors, they need to be in a secure and enclosed space that will offer them protection. The Omlet Catio is the perfect outdoor enclosure solution! This spacious modular design allows your cat the ability to roam and jump freely without worry of getting lost or entangled with the neighbor’s dog!

And don’t worry if you don’t have a backyard big enough. The Omlet Cat Balcony Enclosure allows your feline friend the same freedom to explore the outside world safely! Just secure this enclosure to your apartment walls and your cat will be exploring new heights and sights in no time!

Becoming a cat owner is one of life’s greatest gifts – for both you and your feline friend! With proper planning and product essentials, you can give your new cat a life full of joy, which they will undoubtedly return back to you in the form of comfort and companionship. Because perhaps one of the greatest essentials to have on hand with a new cat is in fact love!

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