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What Type of Dog Parent Are You?

April 24th is National Pet Parent Day, and we thought we would take the opportunity to find out more about what the Omlet community are like as dog owners. Take the quiz and get a customized gift idea for your pooch. We’d love to hear your results! So, what type of dog parent are you?

Afghan hound sitting on Topology Dog Bed with quilted topper

How much research did you do before getting your dog?

  1. Not much, I just saw them and knew they were the right dog for me.
  2. A lot. I knew what characteristics I wanted in a dog, and once I had narrowed it down to a few breeds I spoke to owners and met with breeders to make sure we made the right decision.
  3. No research. I grew up with dogs of this breed, so I know them and would never go for another breed. 
  4. Absolutely none. I know very little about dogs. 
  5. It was quite an impulse purchase; I sometimes wish I had done a bit more research.

Where does your dog sleep?

  1. We did get them a super luxurious dog bed, but it’s been unused as they just sleep in my bed.
  2. To start with we had a crate, but now they sleep on a memory foam dog bed downstairs, and they love it. 
  3. In a dog bed by the back door. They’ve got a dog flap so they can go in and out whenever they want. 
  4. Sometimes in their bed, sometimes in my bed, sometimes on the sofa. 
  5. The neighbor had a spare dog bed we inherited; it seems to work fine.

How do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

  1. Well last year we just had a picnic in the park with all his friends and played games and had cake, but I’m thinking this year we might rent a dog play place and do a proper doggy birthday.
  2. We might go for an extra adventurous walk.
  3. Sorry? I don’t even know when my dog’s birthday is.
  4. My partner keeps track of when it is and might get them a little gift. 
  5. I normally fry up a sausage or some meatballs to give them for dinner.

Does your dog get to meet a lot of other dogs?

  1. My dog has more friends than I do – it’s a nightmare trying to keep up with their social schedule!
  2. We do socializing on walks, but I don’t always trust other dog owners so try to keep it short. 
  3. They are very friendly with the other dogs in the neighborhood.
  4. Yeah, most of my friends have dogs so their dogs have become my dog’s friends.
  5. I’m not sure my dog likes other dogs. 

What does your dog have for dinner?

  1. I get a special dog food that’s locally produced, made from only organic, natural ingredients. It’s expensive, but my dog deserves the best. 
  2. I researched the best dog food for my breed, and that’s what they get. We do give them treats when training, but I don’t think dogs should have human food.
  3. Dog biscuits. 
  4. Some kind of dog food, normally just whatever is on offer at the supermarket. 
  5. They get normal dog food, but also quite a lot of the food dinner the children don’t finish. 

What does your dog do when you go on vacation?

  1. My dog has got a passport, so they always come with us wherever we go. They need a holiday as well!
  2. They go to the kennel. 
  3. If we’re just going for a weekend they can look after themselves with some walking help from the neighbors. If we go for longer, they stay with my parents. 
  4. These days we tend to just go on vacations where we can bring the dog. 
  5. Friends and family, but people seem to be getting a bit tired of being asked. 

small dog on memory foam bolster dog bed with gold feetMostly 1s – The Doting Dog Parent

You absolutely adore your dog – in your eyes they are perfect. The most important thing for you is that your pooch knows they are loved, so you do everything you can to make sure they have the best time possible. 

We assume your dog is pretty trendy, so we would suggest getting a new luxurious dog collar with a matching dog lead?

Mostly 2s – The Responsible Dog Parent

You got a dog because you wanted them to be a part of the family, but you won’t allow them to become a problem for you. You took them to puppy class and still do regular training to make sure they don’t pick up any bad habits. It has been worth it, now you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the cuddles.

We trust you have everything essential, but we’re also sure your pooch will love a new dog toy. Omlet has got a great range that will keep your dog entertained!

Mostly 3s – The Dogs are Dogs Dog Parent

Your dog is super important to you, but a dog is not an accessory to carry around. You think dogs are happiest when they have a job to do, so you make sure your dog gets to work their brain and body. Maybe they’re a farm dog, or maybe they herd sheep, take part in hunts or compete in agility competitions. 

We think your good boy or girl might like a new super soft and luxurious dog blanket to keep them warm and cozy after a long, adventure-filled day outside. 

Mostly 4s – The Accidental Dog Parent

You don’t really know how you ended up a dog parent, and even if you now really like it, it was never the plan. You’ve had to learn on the job, and sometimes it seems a bit overwhelming, but you know your dog loves you and that they are happy and healthy, and that’s a great feeling. 

Get ready for a great summer with your furry friend with Omlet’s memory foam dog cooling mat, a self-cooling addition to your dog’s bed that will keep them chilled for up to three hours.

Mostly 5s – The Very Relaxed Dog Parent

Yes, it’s true your dog is a bit of a pain sometimes, pulling the leash and stealing food from kitchen counters, but it’s not the end of the world – they’re a dog after all! Your dog is truly a part of the family, and you can always do a bit of training later on. 

How about treating your pooch to a new comfortable dog bed? We think a colorful Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed might be perfect for the two of you!


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