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Rabbit enrichment 101

Children playing with pet rabbits in the Omlet Zippi Tunnel System

Rabbits are very curious, energetic, and social animals that thrive off of enrichment. For rabbits, enrichment comes from activities that challenge their physical abilities and appeal to their intellectual side. Fostering your rabbits’ natural behaviors and offering their minds and bodies ways to become more strong and agile are among some of the most important aspects of caring for them. We’ve outlined what this means for bunnies, and how owners can provide this type of stimuli for their pets in our rabbit enrichment 101

Why is rabbit enrichment important?

In the wild, rabbits are constantly on high alert, looking for potential threats, future meals, and gauging weather conditions. These actions take a lot of energy – and as a result, their metabolisms are very fast. Domesticated rabbits however have caring owners that keep them protected from predators, provide their next meal, and keep them sheltered from the elements. But, these natural behaviors are still ingrained in your pet rabbits, and their resulting metabolisms and energy stores remain heightened. 

A happy rabbit is an active rabbit, and to foster these behaviors and expel pent-up energy, pet rabbits need enrichment. Bunnies that don’t have engaging activities, toys, or environments can become bored – which can spell trouble quickly. 

Types of rabbit enrichment 

There are many ways to provide enrichment for your rabbits. From simple changes to their environment to interacting with them frequently and with toys and treats, here are ways you can enhance your rabbits’ daily activities. 

Your rabbits’ enclosure

All rabbits should have a spacious rabbit hutch and run large enough for them to run and jump, and tall enough for them to stand up on their hind legs. This factor alone can cause bunnies to become bored if they’re unable to stretch their muscles the way nature intended. 

Additional space can be provided with Zippi Rabbit Runs and Playpens to give your rabbits plenty of room to express their natural behaviors. Link your bunnies’ hutch and run to their playpen with Zippi Rabbit Tunnels to provide them with a system that mimics burrows in the wild. Your rabbits will love the feel of tunneling, and you’ll love the damage-free way of letting them borrow and scurry in a way that makes them feel at one with nature.  

Rabbit platforms

Another way to add space and variety to their run is to use platforms with your rabbits

Zippi Rabbit Platforms bring your bunnies up to your level to interact with you and give them a new vantage point. The space beneath the platforms gives your rabbits extra room, and a shady shelter in the summer months. Create a hideout under the platform for chillier weather, or for rabbits that like a secluded space to unwind after a day of running their tunnels. 

Rabbit run accessories

Adding accessories to your rabbits’ run adds both visual appeal and excitement to their area. Play tunnels give your bunnies a place to burrow inside of their run. And, when linked with a Zippi Rabbit Shelter, your rabbits can have a modern model of bunny burrows in the wild. The solid structure mimics a warren that wild rabbits retreat to for rest and safety, and the connected tunnels enable your bunnies to feel safe when accessing their hideaway. 

Rabbit toys

Toys are another way to enrich your rabbits’ surroundings. It may take some trial and error to figure out which toys your rabbits prefer – some bunnies like auditory feedback during play that toys with bells provide, while others may enjoy quiet toys that they can carry around. 

Balls with or without bells (like those for cats), rabbit chew toys, snuffle mats, or puzzle toys are favorites among rabbits. DIY toys made from paper towel rolls or oatmeal containers are also entertaining and simple to make. 

If your rabbits aren’t interested in playing with individual toys, try making a digging box for them. Add shredded paper or sand to a container large enough for your rabbit to hop into. All bunnies love to dig, so those who aren’t as interested in playing with toys will enjoy a good rummage through their box. 

Treat holders

Elevating your rabbits’ snacktime gives them a fresh perspective along with a nutritional boost. Serving fresh greens and bunny-friendly fruits and veggies in a Caddi Rabbit Treat Holder is stimulating for both their minds and bodies. Adjust the height of the Caddi to accommodate the size of your rabbits, or to encourage them to stretch their legs to reach their treats. By offering special treats this way, you’ll encourage them to use their natural instincts – just as wild rabbits would to reach berries or other rare finds. 


Rabbits also thrive on affection from their humans as a form of enrichment. Getting to know your bunnies’ love language will help you both bond through quality time and displays of affection. Some rabbits are cuddlers, while others prefer being petted or scratched while they take a luxurious stretch. Find what makes your rabbits most relaxed and meet them there. In return, you’ll notice your bunnies displaying behaviors and sounds to show their affection for you. 

Omlet and your rabbits

Our ingenious designs are crafted to bring you and your bunnies closer together. Not only are the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch and Zippi Rabbit Runs and Playpens the ideal home for your rabbits, but their low-maintenance design makes it easier than ever to enjoy taking care of your pets. And, when you add Zippi Rabbit Platforms to elevate your bunnies’ space, you’ll bring them to your level. Experience the enrichment that rabbits can offer their owners when you enrich their lives with Omlet.

Boy and girl interacting with rabbits in the Omlet Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch 

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