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Stop your cat from scratching your carpet

Cat climbing and scratching Omlet Stak cat scratcher

Cat owners around the world can agree the delightful snuggles and simple sweet gestures of their cats are what make the human-cat relationship so wonderful. But as much as we love our furry feline friends, their innate behavior to scratch – especially our carpet – is not so loveable. Cats scratch for several reasons, with owners often left scratching their heads as to how they can stop this destructive pastime. Thankfully, Omlet has all the information and products you need to help stop your cat from scratching your carpet.

4 Reasons your cat could be scratching your carpet

Scratching to cats is as essential as breathing – it’s just part of being a cat. So let’s take a look at all the reasons why your cat could be scratching your carpet.

  • Scratching feels good: Think of your own daily routine. What are some things you do every day that make you feel good afterwards? Brushing your hair, washing your face, shaving your face? For cats, scratching is no different. The act of clawing feels good to cats and is a way for them to sharpen their claws. 
  • Scratching is a cat workout: Watch your cat the next time they are scratching your carpet, furniture or cat scratching post. Their front arms are moving back and forth while their back legs are mimicking squats we do in the gym. Pretty great exercise, huh? 
  • Scratch marks the spot: Did you know that cats have tiny scent glands all over their paws? And when they scratch, it’s a cat’s way of leaving their scent, or their mark, in a specific spot. So one reason they’re scratching your carpet is to leave a scent message to any other pets that this is their territory.
  • Pay attention to me!: Sometimes the reason cats scratch carpet is for the same reason toddlers draw with crayons on the wall. They just want your attention! The act of scratching is a communication signal that they want you to look at them, pet them or just play with them.

Scratching the carpet near the door

If you find the carpet closest to the front door, back door or even your bedroom door is where your cat claws the most, there could be a few reasons why they chose this spot. You and your cat likely have a very close bond, but with that bond can sometimes come separation anxiety or kitty stress when you leave them to go out. In this instance, your cat is using scratching as a way for them to show their emotions. Fortunately, you can help them by giving your cat a specific spot to channel that stress with a durable cat scratching post such as the Stak cat scratcher from Omlet.

Another reason your cat may be clawing the carpet by the front or back door is because they’re looking for more space to explore and roam. While we have taken cats out of the wild through domestication, the wild sometimes remains within. And that “wild sense” is a need to explore. So give your cat what they want with an outdoor cat enclosure like the Catio designed by Omlet. When your cat knows they have more space to roam outdoors, they may be less likely to tear up the path leading there.

Why is my cat scratching the carpet at night?

Is your cat reserving their claws for your carpet only at night? Here are 3 reasons why your feline friend is up scratching all night and what you can do to help.

  1. Skin issues: Allergies, skin infections or even parasites are all problematic health issues that can affect your cat. And just like us, these irritable issues tend to become more present at night when we are focused more on resting. Always consult your veterinarian should you suspect any skin issue so you can get professional medical help to keep your cat feeling their best.
  2. Can’t get comfortable: Have you ever had a restless night (or nights!) of tossing and turning? Often, it’s because you can’t get comfortable in your bed. Well, the same can happen with your cat. Without a comfortable and supportive cat bed, your cat can be left feeling unsettled at night, which will inevitably lead to scratching away at your carpet.
  3. Feeling insecure: Just like babies and toddlers who wake up in the middle of the night looking for the security and comfort of their parents, cats can sometimes do the same. Only, instead of crying out for Mom or Dad, they just scratch the carpet. But fear not – you can help them! If you’re open to letting your kitty co-sleep, place a cat blanket on your bed so they can curl up next to you. Or, you can even give your cat a place all their own like the Maya Indoor cat house designed by Omlet for that added sense of security. Add a Maya Donut cat bed inside for extra comfort and support!

3 Top tips to stop your cat from scratching the carpet

Because scratching is essential to your cat’s health, you don’t want to stop this behavior altogether. So does that mean your carpets just have to stay frayed and destroyed? Not if you follow some of these tips which will help encourage your cat to take their scratching elsewhere.

  1. Redirection: The best way to stop your cat from scratching your carpet is to give them something else just as appealing to dig their claws into. And in order to do that you need to give your cat something more irresistible than your carpet. Enter catnip – one of your cat’s true loves. Just place some catnip in the places your cat can scratch and you will quickly redirect them away from your carpet.
  2. Scent spray: Cats have a very powerful sense of smell. And there are several scents that your cat will turn their nose away from as the smell is too displeasing to their sniffer. Simply spray a citrus, lavender, peppermint or lemongrass scent all over the carpet and your cat will take one sniff and search elsewhere for their scratching session.
  3. Clean carpets: Did you know cats have tiny scent glands all over their paws? And one reason they continue to scratch your carpet is because they can smell where they left off from their last scratch session. So the more you can keep your carpets cleaned and washed, the more you can encourage your cat’s scratching behavior elsewhere.

Cat walking along the Omlet Indoor Freestyle cat tree

Encourage healthy scratching with a cat scratch post

While there are many ways you can try and stop your cat from scratching your carpet, there is no doubt that the best way to encourage healthy scratching is with a cat scratching post. The Stak cat scratching post designed by Omlet is the perfect post option because of its durable refillable cardboard and stylish supportive design.

Created with the innate instincts of cats in mind, we made the Stak cat scratcher to be the last scratcher you’ll ever buy. The hard-wearing cardboard will stand up to your cat’s many scratch sessions and when it does finally get worn down, you can recycle or compost the old and replace with a new refillable cardboard Stak. You can enjoy the sleek look and sustainability of the Stak cat scratcher while your cat enjoys doing what they love!

Cat scratching posts not only save your carpet from frays and tears, but they also add entertainment and enjoyment to your cat’s life. So why not take your cat’s enjoyment to the next level by adding to their cat scratching fun with a cat climbing tree and cat toys? With our wide range of cat tree accessories, your cat will be scratching their way to happiness all day, every day.

Carpet materials your cat won’t scratch

  • Wool – it may be expensive, but this textile is desirable for you as cat claws are less likely to get into the piles and pull apart.
  • Nylon fiber – a less expensive alternative to wool, this textile is much like wool in its durability and cat claw resistance.
  • Tight weave – carpets that have tightly woven piles are less likely to get destroyed by the scratches of cats as compared to others

Keep watch for other scratching behavior

Have you noticed your cat scratching more than just your carpet? Are your sofa and walls getting the attention of your cat’s claws as well? It’s important to keep an eye out for exactly what your cat is scratching so you can not only limit the path of destruction, but know how to encourage better scratching habits as well. 

If you find scratch marks on your wall, you can easily redirect your cat to something more desirable, such as a wall-mounted cat scratcher. And if the sofa or chair have become your cat’s latest scratch favorites, encourage them to keep scratching on something better like a cat scratch ramp attached to a cat climbing tower.

Caring for your cats with Omlet

Cats of all breeds and their natural behavior to scratch is a tale as old as time. At Omlet, we know this instinct cannot be stopped and, in fact, is one that should be encouraged in a healthy manner. And that is why we continue to challenge the pet norm and create products that allow your cat to be the best version of themselves while bringing you closer to them in the process. From durable cat scratching posts, to adventurous cat trees, to comfy cat beds, and mess-free kitty litter boxes, Omlet makes products that deliver happiness and ease to you and your cat.

White cat lying on Omlet Maya Donut cat bed


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