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Comfy dog beds

Spaniel relaxing on green Omlet Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

If you have been mattress shopping lately you know how tiring it can be to find a new bed. What about finding the right bed for your four-legged friend? Shopping for someone, or some dog, else can make the options feel even more overwhelming. Should you get a round or square bed? Soft or firm? And does paying a premium for a dog bed really make a difference like it does with our own mattresses?

If our dogs could talk, the one feature they would all agree they want in a bed is comfort! Fortunately, Omlet not only knows dogs (we speak their language fluently!) but we know dog beds, too! So let’s sort the stuffing from the fabric and break down the best in comfy dog beds.

Importance of comfort

Everyone needs a comfortable place to sleep and our dogs are no different! Whether your four-legged friend likes a firm surface or a fluffy pillow to slumber on, comfort and support are essential to their health. A comfy dog bed can not only give your pup the support and warmth they need to aid in providing more quality sleep, but can also support aching joints or other health conditions such as hip dysplasia and arthritis.. And more quality sleep = more quality of life! Once you understand your dog’s specific needs, you can better identify which bed will provide them the best comfort.

We know that dogs love to sleep and, like humans, they enjoy being comfy when they snooze. Our pups are both daytime nappers and night time snoozers so their happiness is directly dependent on the comfort of what they are sleeping on. When their sleep is disturbed, particularly due to lack of comfort, dogs can get grumpy, just like sleep deprived humans! And no one person or pup can function very well after a poor night’s sleep! That is why a comfy dog bed not only gives your pup the support they need to slumber, but also a cozy spot of their own where they can relax!

How to choose the right dog bed

By nature, dogs are denning animals which means they instinctively look for safe, warm spots where they can retreat. Dogs in the wild would not lay to sleep on the hard, cold ground as their first choice. Instead, they would seek out a soft patch of grass or kick together leaves to create a cozy spot to lay. So, naturally, our four-legged friends that are part of our family want the same comfort!

But how do you know which bed is best for your dog? Considering what position your dog likes to sleep in will give you lots of clues. A curled up Chihuahua will prefer a much different bed than a spread out Spaniel. Once you’ve determined your dog’s favorite way to sleep, now you can focus on what they will sleep on the best.

Soft vs. firm?

Soft pillowy beds can offer duvet-like comfort for dogs who enjoy really squishing down into a dreamy slumber, but they can be difficult for more senior dogs (and puppies alike!) to get in and out of. Memory foam mattresses provide excellent support to give your pup the dreamy comfortable sleep they need! Just be sure to find a bed that will supportively mold to your pup’s body as that will provide the greatest comfort. 

Elevated vs. ground?

An elevated dog bed with sturdy leg supports may be a good option for your canine as it allows for greater airflow. For dogs who tend to sleep hotter in the summer months, you can add a cooling mat to increase the sleeping comfort level. And conversely, for the pups who get colder in the winter months, an added dog blanket will make the elevated bed that much more comfortable. A raised bed also helps to reduce the dreaded dust hairballs and eliminates carpet stains altogether. Plus, an elevated bed looks like a piece of furniture so now your dog bed just gave your interior an upgrade!

Quilted vs. sheepskin?

The type of material your four-legged friend sleeps on is almost as important as the dog bed itself. Your puddle-jumping Pincher may benefit more from a washable microfiber topper, while your Bulldog may better like a bolster bed topper. Regardless what material your comfy dog bed is made of, make sure it can be removed and is washable! If you are still unsure which material your pup would prefer, try taking this short quiz to identify the perfect match for their personality! 

Big dog comfort

When it comes to big dogs, such as Great Danes, St. Bernards, and German Shepherds, they need big beds! While every breed is different, a big dog that sleeps on his side or curled up requires a bigger space to provide adequate comfort. Because big dogs weigh more, it is important to find a bed that is not only firm enough to cushion their joints, but also a bed that is durable to handle their more powerful digging! Omlet recommends memory foam mattress beds as the best option for your big dog.

Small dog comfort

If you have a pint-sized pup at home you know all too well that they usually like a good cuddle session! Most smaller dogs like Pomeranians, Papillons, and Terriers, prefer a smaller space to snooze where they can comfortably nest and feel secure. Donut beds or smaller bolster beds are both great options for the small four-legged family members! In addition, non-elevated beds are easier for really tiny breeds to climb in and out of.

Puppy vs. senior comfort

While puppies and senior dogs are different in age, their idea of comfortable sleep is very much the same! Senior dogs need lots of support to comfort their aging joints and possible arthritis, so firmer memory foam mattresses are the best option to keep them happy sleepers. Puppies also need a firm, supportive mattress to provide comfort for their quickly growing bodies. Just be sure your puppy dog bed has a removable and washable cover for the inevitable “puppy accidents.” Both senior dogs and puppies can experience more anxiety, so a bolster bed that provides the extra sense of security they need is a perfect option for younger and older furry friends alike!

Luxury beds

When it comes to comfort, our dogs are not that different from us humans – they appreciate a luxurious place to sleep as much as we do! But should you ‘break the bank’ on a new dog bed for your furry friend to ensure they have the most comfort? Not necessarily. Omlet recommends three main factors to consider when finding the perfect comfy dog bed for your canine companion: Good for the dog. Good for your wallet. Good for the environment. 

Take time to understand your dog’s specific needs and sleeping style and then look for beds that offer both the comfort they require as well as the capabilities to be a bed they will use for a long while. At Omlet, our mission is simple – offer a dog bed that is crafted with ultimate comfort to be a constant companion for your constant companion! Sure, you could buy a new, run-of-the-mill dog bed every few months that will end up in a landfill when you are done. Or, you can invest in a customizable sleeping solution that can grow with your dog and his changing needs! 

When the Omlet product designers created the Topology Luxury Dog Beds, they asked themselves one simple question: what if a dog bed could live forever? And, as a result, the “only dog bed you will ever need” was born!

How to make your dog’s sleeping environment comfortable

Now that you have a perfect comfy dog bed for your pup, how do you make the sleeping environment around the bed comfortable as well? Here are some tips to help create a relaxing and comfy environment:

  • Get some steps in! Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise as this will help to tire out any extra energy that may prevent a relaxing siesta!
  • Eat good food! Nutrition is an important part of your dog’s overall sleepy happiness so be sure to feed them high-quality nutrition that is easily digestible.
  • Your energy is their energy! Remember that dogs (and most animals!) are highly sensitive creatures. They can sense your energy – both positive and negative – so the more you can remain calm, the more they will too.
  • Create a safe place! There is nothing wrong with having multiple dog beds throughout your house if your dog likes to sleep in all the rooms! Just try and avoid placing beds in open spaces and look more to locate them against a wall in a quiet spot so they can feel the most comfort.

We can all agree that there truly is nothing better than a restful and comfortable bed to snuggle and snooze in! No matter the breed, age, or size of dog, they would all agree that a comfortable bed is paws-itively the best option for them, too! 

Dog curled up asleep on Omlet Topology Luxury Dog Bed

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