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8 signs your dog loves you

Girl rubbing dog's belly on the Topology Dog Bed

The bond between man and dog is a profound connection that dates back centuries. As every pet parent knows, our four-legged friends often communicate their affection through subtle, yet unmistakable signs. From tail wags that speak volumes to those soulful gazes that melt your heart, our canine friends possess a unique language that expresses love in ways beyond words. Understanding these signs not only strengthens your bond together, but deepens your appreciation for the companionship that dogs bring into our lives. Join us as we explore and reveal the 8 signs that your dog loves you.

1. Tail-wagging welcomes

There’s nothing quite like the exuberant, tail-wagging embrace you receive from your dog when you enter your home. Whether you were gone for 5 minutes or all day at work, their excitement to see you is heard in every joyful bark and seen in every ecstatic spin. It’s as if they’re saying, “You’re home! I miss you so much!”. This genuine delight that we see in our dogs when we arrive home is a testament to their love for us, and with such a warm welcome waiting, the bond between us and them can only deepen daily.

2. Doggy deep breaths

We know that yawning is contagious between humans, but did you know that studies show that dogs are more likely to yawn simultaneously with their owners than with someone they don’t know? It’s suggested that this is a way for dogs to show empathy, and that yawning together with their owners is a sign of affection. For dogs, yawning in the presence of their beloved humans is most often a sign of relaxation and a demonstration of their deep connection with you. But sometimes, your dog’s yawns can be indicative of stress – so make sure you can distinguish their accompanying body language. The next time your pup stretches their jaws with a relaxed body and lets out a yawn, take it as a heartwarming “I love you” in their language.

3. Love licks

Ever noticed how your dog gives you a big, slobbery smooch when you least expect it? Well, that’s no accident! For dogs, licking isn’t just about cleaning themselves or for tasting – it’s one of the strongest ways for dogs to show their pure, unadulterated love. It all goes back to puppyhood. Puppies lick their mother’s face to communicate their needs and show affection and this behavior continues into adulthood.

When your pup plants a wet kiss on your hand or face, they’re not just clearing any leftover crumbs from dinner; they’re bonding with you! So if your dog showers you with licks, just embrace it. The slobber can be wiped away but the fact that your dog thinks you’re the best thing since bacon-flavored treats is irreplaceable.

4. Puppy presents

When your dog brings you their favorite chew toy or nudges their treasured ball in your direction, it’s not just an invitation to play – it’s a declaration of love. Dogs are inherently social animals and they view their humans as part of their pack. So, naturally, sharing their beloved dog toys is a way to foster unity and create a connection. Whether it’s a squeaky plushie or a weathered rope, the act of sharing their toys is your dog’s sign that they trust and adore you. So the next time your furry friend plops their favorite toy on your lap, engage with them and show them you love them just as much.

Girl holding dog's paw, sat in Omlet Fido Studio Dog Crate

5. Scent masters

Did you know that dogs possess an extraordinary sense of smell that is 10 to 100 times more acute than that of humans? They use this superpower to not just find their toys or detect treats but also to form deep emotional connections. For dogs, everything has its own unique scent – including you. And since you’re their person, they recognize your specific smell amidst a sea of all others because of the emotional attachment they have to it. 

You might get a bit annoyed when your pup steals your underwear and runs around the house with them, but try to remember that this thievery is actually a strong sign of affection. It means that your dog wants to feel close to you even when you’re not right next to them. So if you see your dog doing this, leave an old T-shirt in their bed when you’re out of the house to help make them feel safe.

6. Puppy dog eyes

When it comes to non-verbal communication, dogs are the masters. If you’ve ever caught your dog staring at you it’s likely not just a casual glance. For dogs, maintaining eye contact is their way of telling you that they love you. In fact, eye contact releases the hormone oxytocin in the brain, which triggers feelings of comfort and affection, ultimately creating a stronger bond between you and your canine companion. And what’s even more interesting is that this silent way of showing affection is usually only reserved for their people. Dogs don’t use eye contact in the same way within their own species and prolonged eye contact between two dogs can actually be a sign of aggression.

7. Love lounging

There are several ways your dog can use body language to show that they feel completely comfortable in your presence. When dogs exhibit relaxed body language, it’s a remarkable display of their deep-rooted love and affection towards you. With a loose stance, ears in a neutral position, and a slightly open mouth, your dog is signifying total comfort and ease in your relationship. Your dog can literally make its body be a reflection of affection for you, which is a testament to their unbroken trust in you.

8. Canine comfort

In the wild, dogs sleep huddled with their pack for warmth and security. But through domestication, you’re the only pack they have, so you may find your furry friend choosing to snuggle up next to you instead. When allowed to, dogs will sleep as close to their beloved humans as possible, both to feel protected and to protect the people they love the most – which is you. In a similar way, dogs also show you their love by staying close to you when they are feeling stressed or intimidated.

While we all love a good snuggle with our pets, when it’s time for them to nap or sleep for the night, it’s important to find them a dog bed that suits your canine’s comfort needs. The Omlet Topology Dog Bed is the perfect snuggle substitution with its customizable toppers that can be paired with your dog’s specific sleep style. Every snuggle is special and we designed the Topology Dog Bed to reflect that.

Omlet and your dog

From wagging tails to soulful gazes, one thing remains clear – our dogs can speak volumes through their unspoken language of love. At Omlet, we amplify these heartwarming connections through our products that bring you and your pet closer together. Identifying the signs your dog is sending to show you their love is easy. Meeting them with the same unconditional love in return is the “why” behind all of Omlet’s designs and creations like the Topology dog bed and playful dog toys. After all, the bond between human and canine is as old as time and one that should be celebrated.

Dachshund running off Omlet Topology Dog Bed with Beanbag topper

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