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Poached Eggs Life Hack

We all love a good runny poached egg but it’s impossible to cook more than one at a time without them falling apart. Out of all the tricks in the book I have never managed to cook multiple poached eggs so that they all come out perfect.  I tried all of the old wives tales you can imagine, spin the water, add vinegar, cook them in deep water, cook them in shallow water. I officially gave up and resided to a life of scrambled and fried eggs….until now.

Behold the champion of all poached egg hacks, the clingfilm (saran wrap) technique, huzzah! Below I will take you through this nifty method step by step so that you two can enjoy all the poached eggs you wish for:

  1. Lay out a piece of saran wrap and rip it off the roll
  2. Place the wrap over a cup and push the wrap into it slightly, creating a little dip
  3. Pour a small amount of oil into the dip and spread it around the area covering the cup (this makes sure that your egg is easy to remove from the wrap later)
  4. Crack a fresh egg into the dip in the wrap
  5. Pull each of the corners of the wrap up to meet in the middle high above the egg, wist the wrap down to the egg making a seal, it should now look like a pod at the bottom
  6. Repeat for the number of eggs you are cooking
  7. Fill your saucepan halfway and get it to a gentle simmer over medium heat
  8. Slowly drop your bunch of egg pods into the saucepan and time for 3 1/2 minutes
  9. Pull the eggs out and cut the twisted part of saran wrap off (be careful the eggs and wrap will be hot)
  10. Slowly peel away the wrap and place your egg on toast, bacon, gammon, biscuits, pancakes whatever you prefer

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3 replies on “Poached Eggs Life Hack”

Carol Piehl says:

What a great idea! I’m going to try that for breakfast tomorrow?

Lyndell kidd says:

Mine always come out perfect. Crack all 4 in a shallow bowl. Slide them into a saucepan of boiling water. Set the timer for three minutes and I have four perfect poached eggs every time. Wish I could post you a picture here!

Rachel Brooks says:

You don’t need plastic to poach an egg! What a huge waste, and so environmentally unfriendly. 🙁

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