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Crate Training Your Dog from The Bark Buzz

Did you just get a new puppy who is learning the rules of the house? Maybe your dog has behavioral problems, such as chewing on shoes or furniture. Or maybe you just want an easier way to travel with your dog. If you’re in any of these situations, crate training your dog might be the best option.

Crate training can be a controversial topic, but if we look at how dogs live in the wild, we realize it is a natural method to keep your dog comfortable and calm. Dogs are naturally den animals, which means that they feel comfortable in a small area they consider safe. A crate can simulate that for your dog.

A couple of other things to consider:

Below you will find a guide to crate training your dog the proper way. As with any type of training, never force your dog to do anything they are visibly uncomfortable with. Treat this as another way to bond with your dog!

Courtesy of: TheBarkBuzz

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