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Reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint

Spaniel outside on their Omlet Cushion dog bed in Prism Kaleidoscope

Every day we make choices that impact our environment and our carbon footprint. But what exactly does this mean? Without getting too scientific, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from the everyday things we do all equal up to an individual carbon footprint. Even our dogs have carbon footprints, or rather, carbon pawprints.

And just as you can make changes to your everyday routines to be more sustainable and reduce your carbon footprint, there are also ways you can help reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint as well. Even just small swaps here and there can have big positive impacts on the environment and those around us. So let’s take a look at some ways you and your dog can start living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

What if a dog bed could live forever?

One of the biggest culprits to our planet’s carbon footprint is landfills. When waste piles up, over time, the disintegration of the trash combines to create gasses that are harmful to our atmosphere. One way we can do our part to reduce that negative impact is to throw less stuff away. And do you know what is one of the most common pet items thrown away each year? You guessed it – dog beds.

So we asked ourselves, what if a dog bed could live forever? What if we could make a product that would not only NOT end up in a landfill, but could stay comfortable and durable for the life of your dog? And then we crafted the solution. Designed as the forever sleeping solution for your dog, Omlet dog beds are not only curated with luxurious comfort, but they’re sustainably made to last a very long time.

With Omlet dog beds, you and your dog have a variety of options to customize your pet’s perfect sleep solution. When you purchase one of these dog beds, you receive a superior quality memory foam base that has the ability to be changed out with a selection of different fabric and color toppers. All toppers are machine washable so instead of throwing the bed away when it gets too dirty, simply wash the topper and your dog bed is back to new. 

Reducing your dog’s plastic use

Raise your hand if you like to drink out of paper straws. Well, like them or not, the fact is that making a simple swap of paper for plastic in our drinking straws has a massive positive impact on our environment. And guess what? There are simple plastic swaps you can make for your dog as well to help reduce their carbon pawprint, too.

So the next time you need a new dog product, here are some more sustainable choices you can make:

  • Dog bowls: What your dog eats and drinks out of is important not only to the environment, but to their health as well. Choosing a ceramic or melamine dog bowl, like Omlet dog bowls, allows your dog a cleaner way to consume their food and water. Keep them clean with frequent washing to keep the bowls around forever.
  • Dog bed: We’ve already discovered a few dog bed options that allow you to clean the sheets and keep the bed. But what if there was a dog bed that stopped plastic going to waste? There is! Meet the Gardenia Collection dog beds designed by Omlet. With covers made from 100% recycled bottle fabric, these dog beds offer the ultimate environmentally friendly sleeping solution.
  • Dog toys: Every dog loves to play with toys! But unfortunately, many dog toys are made from plastic. So try swapping even just one of your dog’s toys for a rubber dog toy option that is better for your dog and the environment! While these rubber toys aren’t 100% recyclable, they can be broken down into smaller pieces to be reused again!

Dispose of dog waste correctly

Owning a dog is one of life’s greatest treasures. Except when it comes to picking up their poop… While it may not be the most pleasant task, picking up after your dog is a task that must be done nonetheless. So how exactly can dog waste be eliminated differently to reduce your pup’s pawprint? 

When out on a walk with your dog, what do you use to pick up their waste? Like most people, we’re guessing either a small plastic bag from your bag roll or just a plastic grocery bag. But guess where all of these plastic poop-filled bags end up? That’s right – back in the landfill. So to do your part in helping the environment and reducing your dog’s pawprint, simply choose different bags. You can pick from several options to include biodegradable, compostable and even leakproof paper bags. This simple swap may not make the task more enjoyable but it will make a huge difference to the environment.

Reconsider your dog’s grooming products

Sustainable and environmentally friendly products are not reserved exclusively for the items your dog uses every day. You can take the reduction of your dog’s carbon pawprint one step further by changing out the shampoo and conditioner you use next time you give your dog a spa day. By making small changes in your dog’s grooming routine, such as dog washes that are kinder to the environment, you will help your dog reduce their carbon pawprint even more!

Omlet and your dog’s carbon pawprint

At Omlet, we believe the connection between people and pets is something to celebrate. The products you buy your dog should matter to them, to you and to our planet. With a focus on quality and sustainability, we are able to make products that are both environmentally friendly and high quality, without compromising on comfort. From our Gardenia Collection designs, to our Topology beds to our selection of other sustainably made dog products, we continue to do our part to reduce carbon pawprints all over the world.

Dog asleep on Omlet Sheepskin Blanket next to Omlet Dog Food Bowl

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