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What Is a Catio?

Cat and owner interacting - cat using Omlet Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree in Omlet Catio

If cats had their own outdoor play space what would it be called? A kitty keeper? Cat crib? Or maybe a meow house? 

For decades, one word has been used to describe an outdoor enclosure for cats: “catio”. But what is a catio? A blend of the words cat and patio, a catio is any safe outdoor enclosure for cats. At Omlet, we didn’t invent catios, but we did purrrfect them!

Why are catios so great?

If you are a cat owner then you know first hand that your feline friend appreciates fresh air! Whether it is through an open window or closed screen door, most cats will instinctively move towards the scent and relaxation of outdoor air whenever possible. It makes sense, right? Cats are native to the wild and having the ability to roam and move in an outdoor space feels, well, normal!

So let’s take a closer look at all the reasons why outdoor catios are so great!

  • Spacious Outdoor Freedom: With the Catio designed by Omlet, any cat can play safely and freely in the fresh air. The modular design of the outdoor cat enclosure means you can create a catio that suits your specific backyard space and pets! Just check out our easy-to-use Catio Configurator to start creating your own perfect catio!
  • Totally Customizable: We not only made the size of the catio completely customizable, but we ensured the overall design was as well! Looking for a way to add additional security to your catio? How about a porch! The Catio Porch designed by Omlet was created with both security and space in mind. The two-way door system allows you to enter the catio at any time without worry of your feline friend trying to join you as you leave!
  • Assembly And Look: One quick search on the internet will provide you with dozens of different DIY or custom catio options. Our product engineers had specific objectives in mind when creating the Omlet Catio: an easy to assemble product that was sturdy and unobtrusive. Made from a strong steel mesh that is painted in a natural blending green, the Omlet Catio will not only keep your cats safe, but keep your backyard looking good while doing it, too.

Why should you get a catio?

So you’re looking to add a catio to your outdoor space? Congratulations! The ability to move outdoors is incredibly beneficial for cats. But catios offer so many more benefits to your feline friend.

Safety: By nature, cats are very curious creatures and they love to explore their surroundings by climbing new heights. However, this may sometimes become a danger when done indoors. The greatest benefit of the Outdoor Cat Run Enclosure is the ability for your cat to climb, jump, and run as much as they like without worry of hurting themselves or others. The Catio not only keeps them safe from indoor dangers (like falling bookshelves!), but from outdoor dangers, too (like wild predators!).

Fresh Air: Think about the last time you stepped outside in fresh air and took a deep breath. We know how relaxed you felt! Cats feel the same way! When outdoors, cats receive the same benefits of fresh air that we do – increased circulation, improved mood, and overall better health! What greater gift could you give your cat than a longer, healthier, and happier life?

Happy Neighbors: Being “neighborly” is always the right thing to do! However, letting your cats roam around outside without an enclosure could potentially lead to a case of kitty trespassing. And that’s not very neighborly! Catios are the best of both worlds because they provide the great benefits of being outdoors but within a secure space so your cat can’t end up in someone else’s yard. And your other backyard wildlife, such as birds and chipmunks, will thank you, too! While in a catio, your feline friend is no longer a natural predator to these smaller prey.

How to choose the right catio

If you are a handy human who has great workmanship skills, then building a DIY catio might be the best option for you. But for the rest of us, assembling and installing a custom ready-made Catio is the easiest option!

Backyard catio

The backyard is the most obvious place to put a catio. But you don’t need a huge backyard to create an outdoor cat oasis. In fact, just a small area will work as our Outdoor Run Enclosure can be designed as small or as large as you like! 

Here are the simple steps to get started building your own catio:

  1. Decide where in your backyard you want to place the catio. You can have it freestanding or up against the house for easier indoor/outdoor access.
  2. Measure the space.
  3. Choose what size catio you want! You can either pick a pre-configured option ranging from 6’x6’ up to 9’x12’, or customize the length, width or height to your specific needs.
  4. Order your Catio by Omlet and get ready to give your cat an incredible experience!

Apartment/balcony catio

Is it possible to still have a catio when you live in an apartment or condo? Absolutely! The Cat Balcony Enclosure by Omlet was designed specifically with these dwellers in mind. We made the Balcony Catio narrow enough to fit any size balcony and offer an extendable length option from 6ft-12ft so you can install with ease! This enclosure is a simple solution that allows you to rest assured that your cat will be completely secure in this escape proof design. 

How can you customize your catio?

When it comes to adding accessories to your catio, the options are endless! Our product engineers know cats and they created these feline friendly products with your purrfect pal in mind!

Cat tree: Omlet’s Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree is the number one must-have item to include in your catio! This easy to install pole design is any cat climber’s dream and was created to be the last outdoor cat tree you will ever need! Choose from a wide variety of attachments to add to your Freestyle, such as a hammock, scratching post, or ladder. Your cat will want to spend hours relaxing and being entertained in their catio!

Partitions: What if your catio had multiple rooms? Another great way to customize your catio is by adding partitions. If you have more than one cat, or are looking to add a new feline to the family, this is a great option to allow all paws outdoor play without getting too close.

Weather covers: Rain or shine, your feline will be just fine with Run Covers from Omlet. We know cats don’t like to get wet and too much heat on a sunny day is not favorable! So adding weather covers to your catio will keep your cat happy while they still get to enjoy their outdoor space.

So now that you know what a catio is, you are fully equipped with all you need to create an outdoor cat kingdom! And even though your cat may still think every room on the inside of your home belongs to them, they will love their catio for the dedicated space that is completely their own!

Cat playing on Omlet Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree in Omlet Catio

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