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Is My Dog too Cold?

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash Some dogs love rolling in the snow, while others are happy to sit out the cold weather … Read More

Are My Chickens Cold?

Chickens are hardy birds, and are very good at adapting to the climate, whether it’s midsummer or deep into Winter. Unless… Read More

Competition Winners

In December, Santa Barbara and her team of Elves helped us say a big thank you to our pets and all they have helped us through i… Read More

Do Dogs Laugh?

Photo by Jane Duursma on Unsplash Many dog owners believe their dogs enjoy a good laugh. Check out YouTube, where there i… Read More

Why do Guinea Pigs Popcorn?

[caption id="attachment_8609" align="alignright" width="910"] Photos by Photoholgic on Unsplash[/caption] When a guinea pig i… Read More

Omlet’s Holiday Animal Quiz: Are you an Expert?

Photo by Jasmin Schuler on Unsplash Holiday Animal Quiz: Can yo… Read More

How Do I Prevent My Chicken from Flying Away?

It's nice to have chickens in your backyard but they need to stay there! Seeing them fly away and attempting to catch them again… Read More

10 Tips to Help Your Pet Have an Amazing Holiday Break

[caption id="attachment_8514" align="aligncenter" width="920"] P… Read More

Why Are Black Cats Said to be Unlucky?

In Britain, the fact that black cats are considered unlucky is a complete reversal of the original belief that black cats we… Read More

What You need to Know: Avian Flu 2020

Avian Flu is an issue that affects all chicken keepers. Efforts to contain the virus never result in its eradication, and th… Read More

Can different chicken breeds get along?

All different breeds of chicken have been developed from the same ancestor, the Asian Jungle Fowl, and so most chickens get … Read More

10 Things Humans Do that Cats Hate

While all cats are different, there are certain traits common to most felines. Most cats, for example, are united in the thing… Read More

What is the Best Bed for an Anxious Dog?

Anxiety is an issue that affects many dogs. Some breeds are prone to nervousness, and some individual dogs may have had a toug… Read More

Black Friday Sale!

Are you planning on finally giving up on your rotting chicken coop and getting an Eglu? Do you want to give your rabbits more … Read More

Gift Guide: Rabbits

Zippi Tunnels, Play Pens & Runs Zippi is the perfect way to enhance your pets’ life. The amazing tunnel system allows y… Read More

Gift Guide: Dogs

  Fido Studio & Nook Is someone in your family getting a new puppy that they are planning to crate train? Or have your pa… Read More

Gift Guide: Chickens

Eglu Cube / Eglu Go / Eglu Go UP This is the ideal time to treat yourself to that chicken coop you have been dreaming about! … Read More

Exclusive interview with Jamieleigh from the Youtube channel “BirdTricks”

Photography by Rachael Baker Photography   How a… Read More

Catching A Chicken

Photo by Jim Tegman on Unsplash Only very tame pet hens enjoy being picked up. Most chickens find the whole procedure stressf… Read More

Last Order Date for Delivery Before Christmas

For delivery in time for Christmas, please ensure you have placed your order by Tuesday 15th December. Please be advised probl… Read More