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How to Care For a Parakeet

Parakeets make wonderful pets. Not only will their beautiful plumage brighten up any room, they are also very intelligent and … Read More

How to Introduce New Chickens To Your Flock

Many of us know what it’s like. You start with a few chickens, thinking you’re just going to try it out, but once you re… Read More

Giving Your Parakeets and Finches the Best Possible Living Space

What do you need from a bird cage? The main thing is to give yo… Read More

Discover These Amazing Facts About Dog Tails

🔹 The main purpose of the tail is communication, and to spread personal information in the form of pheromones. Dogs have … Read More

How to Find and Buy Chickens At The Moment

We are getting lots of questions at the moment from people who are ready to start their chicken keeping journey. They know whe… Read More

Omlet Launch the Geo Bird Cage!

Finally there is a parakeet cage as good looking as the parakeets The revolutionary NEW Geo Bird Cage from Omlet is a breatht… Read More

Five Reasons Why Parakeets Make Such Great Pets

The parakeet is the world’s most popular pet bird. When the first specimens were brought to Europe from Australia in the 184… Read More

9 Things You Might Not Know About Hamster Cheek Pouches

1. All hamsters have cheek pouches. These expandable parts of… Read More

Win 1 of 5 Caddi Treat Holders This Weekend!

Competition time! We are giving away 5 Caddi Treat Holders, an entertaining and stimulating feed toy for chickens, rabbits a… Read More

How To Turn Your Chickens’ Droppings Into Manure

Our chickens provide us with entertainment, company and fres… Read More

Boredom Busting Banana Bread Recipe

Ingredients: 4 medium bananas, 3 for mashing, 1 for the top 1.5 cups plain wholemeal flour 1/2 tsp baking powder … Read More

Learn More About Your Pet Hamster

All hamster owners know that they make great pets! They are cute and cuddly, but also very independent and clever. Whether you'r… Read More

Rabbit Run Checklist for Spring

Spring might be the best time of year for rabbits! The sun is returning, the grass is fresh and luscious, and they can finally… Read More

Omlet’s Eggcellent Guide to Eggs

Eggs are truly amazing things, and sometimes we might take them for granted. For something that only takes the hen about 24 hour… Read More

Make Colourful Marbled Eggs This Easter

[youtube id="xv7NllLUTKg" responsive="true" showinfo="false" branding="false" hd="false" autoplay="false" controls="false" theme… Read More

Introducing the NEW revolutionary Eggscalator

April Fools! While an Eggscalator for lazy hens is not available (yet,) you can still bring your chicken coop into the 21st cen… Read More

Hamster Vs. Guinea Pig – Which Is The Better Pet For You?

Choosing a small pet is a big decision. Although their needs dif… Read More

A Message from the Omlet Team

We have received many questions in the last few days regarding orders and delivery. We would like to reassure you that our distr… Read More

Why Do Some People Dislike Cats So Much?

We’ve all been asked the age-old question at some point in our lives… “Are you a cat person, or a dog person?” For thos… Read More

Which Chicken Breed Are You? Take Our Test!

Do you like travelling and seeing new places? A: “Home is where the heart is”, as I always say. That’s where I feel the… Read More