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Coops Dreams: A Dream Becoming a Reality

We have recently started working with the show Coop Dreams, providing them with a new setup of coops and runs for their farm. If… Read More

Behind The Scenes of ‘How to Speak Chicken’

We recently received a copy of 'How To Speak Chicken' by Mel… Read More

Recipe: English Mince Pies

As Omlet is a British company we thought it would be nice to bring one of our traditions over the pond and teach you how to make… Read More

Recipe: Amaretti Biscuits

Ingredients: 180g of Ground Almonds 120g of Golden Caster Sugar Grated Zest of a Lemon A Pinch of Salt A tot of A… Read More

Recipe: Chocolate Chilli Triangles

Chocolate Chilli Triangle recipe_USA from Omlet on Vimeo. Ingredients: 100g Dark choc chips 275g Golden caster sugar … Read More

Last Christmas Delivery Dates, Don’t Miss Out!

Delivery in time for Christmas… Last or… Read More

FREE DELIVERY for The Christmas Countdown

There’s only 23 shopping days until Christmas…. don’t panic, just sit back, relax and browse the Omlet website and i… Read More

Vets Advice: How To Keep Your Hens Happy This Winter

We recently got the chance to speak with Frau Dr. Sewerin, a Ger… Read More

Top Christmas Gifts For Your Chickens

Chick out this awesome range of cute little Christmas gifts for the crazy chicken lady we all know and love. Including our n… Read More

Black Friday- 50% Off Fido Studio Dog Crates!

50% Savings on Fido Studio Dog Crates, Today Only! For Black Friday we are offering 50% discount on all of our Fido Studio rang… Read More

World Egg Day 2017

How do you like your eggs in the morning?! To celebrate World Egg Day we are calling upon all of our Omleteers to help us ra… Read More

Rescuing Draco, Kona and Gunny from Hurricane Harvey

We recently received a donation request for one of our Fido Stud… Read More