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Keep Your Pets’ Run Tidy and Hygienic With 50% Off Caddi Treat Holders

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Which of My Hens is Laying?

It’s often hard to tell if a hen is laying. Hens do not produce the same number of eggs each week throughout the year, and the… Read More

How To Choose The Right Rabbit Breed For You

[one_half] [/one_half] [one_half last] [/one_half] [clear] Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash If you have done your research … Read More

Why Have My Chickens Stopped Going into the Coop at Night?

Your chickens' coop should be a space for your flock to eat,… Read More

How To Create Peace in a Multicat Household

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What’s The Difference Between a Hamster and a Guinea Pig?

Hamsters and guinea pigs are relatively low maintenance pets t… Read More

8 Ways to Make Your Chicken Lay More Eggs

As the days get shorter, you might find that your chickens are not laying as much as they normally do. Egg production is partly … Read More

How to Tell if Your Rabbit Is Happy

Estimates of the world’s domestic rabbit population vary wildly between 15 million and over 700 million. People have kept ra… Read More

Do You Have an Amazing Story About Your Pet?

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How to Tell the Age of a Chicken

Image from rhianjane on Pixabay Unless you know exactly when your hens were born, it is difficult to determine their exact ag… Read More

Everything You Need For Your New Cockapoo

Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash Getting a new puppy is such an exciting time for everyone involved (even if it means a mani… Read More

Why Won’t My Hens Lay in Their Nest Box?

It’s frustrating when a hen decides to ignore the comfy nesting boxes and lay eggs on the floor of the coop or run instead. … Read More

Match Your Dog’s Personality to Their Perfect Bed

For years dog owners have been limited to beds in dull shades … Read More

Benefits of a Dog Friendly Workplace

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How To Stop Your Chickens From Eating Their Eggs

Chickens are not only great companions, but also a great way of being more resourceful, providing you with a frequent supply… Read More

How To Maintain Your Eglu or Walk In Run

Are you a long term Eglu or Walk in Run owner? Omlet products are known to be extremely long lasting, but we do recommend checki… Read More

Why Do Chicken Eggs Sometimes Look Weird?

Chickens sometimes lay eggs that look nothing like a standard supermarket egg. Some are huge, some are tiny, some are ball-shape… Read More

How Rabbits Decide Who’s Boss

Like all social animals, rabbits have a ‘pecking order’. Young rabbits who have grown up together will sort this out witho… Read More

10% Off AND Free Shipping on the Geo Bird Cage

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Amazing Facts About Chickens’ Eyes

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