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Don’t Miss the Last Order Dates For Delivery Before Christmas

For delivery in time for Christmas, please ensure you have placed your order by the below dates. Please be advised problems with couriers cannot be avoided, and if you want to be sure your order will make it to you in time for Christmas, we highly recommend ordering well before these dates. Alternatively, please call or email our customer services team for advice on the best courier to use at this busy time of year. Please also be aware that these dates are only valid for products that are currently in stock, pre order products will not ship until they are back in stock.

DHL – 20th Dec

FedEx – 14th Dec


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3 replies on “Don’t Miss the Last Order Dates For Delivery Before Christmas”

John Robitzsch says:

Do you have a coop large enough for at least 20 full sized hens?

John Robitzsch says:

What is the largest coop and run you have?

Omlet says:

Hi John,

The biggest coop we have is the Eglu Cube, it’s suitable for up to 6 full sized hens. Our Walk in Chicken Runs can be made as big as you like, but would only provide outside space. You can find them here:

Kind regards,

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