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The Omlet Blog Archives: March 2018

Win a $250 Omlet Voucher in our Easter Egg Hunt!


We all love an Easter Egg Hunt don’t we?

Enter today for your chance to win an eggcellent $250 Omlet Voucher!


 All you have to do is visit our website and look for the 6 eggs that we have hidden.
Each egg that you find will have a number on it – once you’ve found all 6, add up the numbers and this will give you the magic number.
For example if the eggs were numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 then adding these together gives 21. This is the number you would enter.
To enter visit our competition entry page below and enter your details and the magic number.
The competition closes at midnight on Wednesday 4th April 2018 and the lucky winner will be informed on Thursday 5th April 2018.
There will also be 10 runners up prizes of our lovely egg ramps – the must have kitchen accessory.

Good Luck!

Enter Now!




Terms and conditions: 

The competition closes at 23.59 4th April 2018. To enter please complete the competition entry page on Omlet’s website. The main prize is a $250 Omlet voucher, plus 10 runners up prizes of egg ramps. Delivery is included to all US addresses excluding Hawaii and Alaska. The winners will be randomly selected and notified on Thursday 5th April. Omlet reserve the right to withdraw the competition at any point. Prizes cannot be transferred to cash. This competition is only open to US residents excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

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Recipe: Easter Chocolate Nests

Chocolate Nests

A super treat, especially at Easter, that’s easy enough for the children to make. It’s also a handy recipe to use up any extra chocolate if you can’t quite manage to eat all your Easter Eggs!


Makes 12
3.5oz Milk Chocolate
1.7oz Puffed Rice Cereal
24 Mini Chocolate Eggs


1) Melt the chocolate over a bowl of hot water (do supervise well if children are helping).
2) Stir in the puffed rice.
3) Distribute the chocolate rice mixture between 12 paper cake cases, press into nest shapes with the back of a spoon.
4) Pop a couple of mini eggs into the nest, allow to cool as the chocolate sets.
5) Share and enjoy!



Recipe courtesy of Hen Corner


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Top Tips for an Epic Easter Egg Hunt

Keep it fair and fun

Avoid arguments between children by color coding the hunt, give each child one color that they need to search for. Alternatively if you have a broad range of ages playing, why not color code the hunt based on ages, younger children can look for the large gold eggs whereas the older children need to look for the pink eggs which you will have made harder to find.


Provide alternatives to chocolate

Think ahead about who will be participating in your Easter Egg Hunt? Are any of the children diabetic? Are they allergic to dairy, gluten, cocoa or nuts? You could always use plastic decorative eggs for them to find then have prizes such as coloring books or toys instead of the sugary treats.

Remember the baskets!

The children will need something to carry their eggs in, lots of craft stores have cute baskets you can use or alternatively you make them as an activity before the hunt. See here for a guide on how to weave your own basket.


Think of fun clues

If you want to add another fun element to your hunt, you could think about providing the kids with clues as to where the eggs are hidden, such as “Somewhere that’s cold (fridge)” “What shall we have for breakfast? (cereal box)”, “It’s raining outside, what shall we take with us? (umbrella stand).

Keep track of your hiding places

It’s worth making a note of the hiding places and the number of eggs hidden for your own reference.


Check the weather forecast

Firstly so you’re not planning to commence the hunt when it’s due to rain, also if you are hiding chocolate, double check the temperature forecasted as you might need to make sure they’re all hidden in shaded areas, or you don’t put them out too early before it kicks off. Noone wants a melted Easter egg!  If the weather is going to be stormy, plan a backup hunt for inside the house.


Set boundaries

Let the kids know where the searching area is, it’s important to make sure everyone has fun but in a safe environment. Show the children where the start and end of the hunting zone is.

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Barking Mad for Crufts 2018!

Everyone is going barking mad about Crufts 2018! We were lucky enough to attend on Thursday which is the day dedicated to Working and Pastoral breeds of dog.

What is a working dog? A working dog is the type of canine who can be trained to perform tasks and tricks to assist in work or merely for entertainment such as the agility demonstrations you see on TV at Crufts. Working breeds can be used in the police, as therapy dogs, guide dogs etc. The breeds include Boxers, St.Bernards, Mastiffs, Dobermann, Komondor, German Shepherds and many more.

What is a Pastoral breed? A pastoral breed is typically referred to as a herding dog. These dogs are bred to work with livestock as guardians and to herd the animals around. The Kennel Club’s list of Pastoral breeds include, Collies, Welsh Corgies, Swedish Lapphund, Sheepdogs etc.

Upon arriving at the NEC in Birmingham, UK we were slightly overwhelmed with the size of this event, there’s so much to see and do, we would definitely recommend purchasing a show guide and looking online before you attend to plan out your day. We took our time looking around all the booths and learning about some great new products on the market, we also spent plenty of time over in the ‘Discover Dogs’ area where you can see hundreds of different dogs and breeds from countries across the world, we got slightly sidetracked in this area as we were able to cuddle the most adorable puppy.

We spoke with some fantastic charities throughout the day including rescue dogs, shelters and therapy dogs who have been assisting people with their disabilities, it was really rewarding to see how dogs can have such a positive influence on people’s lives. It was nice to be at an event dedicated to celebrating how great dogs are!

Towards the end of the day we made our way over to the Main Arena which is where you see the majority of the shows and performances on TV. The arena was huge but these dogs didn’t seem phased at all. Watching the dogs in the Freestyle Heelwork to Music category was incredible, the stories and choreography these owners and canines were able to perform was spectacular with Cinderella and her owner sweeping first prize with their Disney inspired tale. We were also able to catch the Kennel Club British Open Agility Final which was equally as impressive. This is the category where the dogs have to race around the arena in an assault course including hurdles, hoops, tunnels and the famous A frame, all of the trainers are kitted out in their sportsgear and sneakers ready to sprint as they have to lead their pups around the course at lightning speed.

If you haven’t caught any of the Crufts coverage this year we would recommend having a look at clips on Youtube or catching the livesteam on the Crufts website.

To start training your own puppy or dog we would recommend beginning with crate training as a first step before you try any of the hoops or hurdles! To check Omlet’s range of fabulous new Fido Studio dog crates, click here. 


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