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Vets Advice: How To Keep Your Hens Happy This Winter

We recently got the chance to speak with Frau Dr. Sewerin, a German Vet who specialises in poultry. We asked her what her top tips were for keeping your hens happy in colder conditions, here’s what she had to say:

“Make sure the water does not freeze. To do this, place a thick, well-insulated bowl of warm water in a sheltered place, change the water on regular basis or get a water heater.

You should also make sure that there is a dry, snow-free place in the run. You can regularly mix leaves with some wheat grains so that the animals have something to pick. A dry corner with sandbathing possibility must not be missing. Different perching options should always be available during the day anyway, but especially in winter: this helps keeping their feet warm!

Depending on the circumstances, a windcover should be installed at chicken height so that the animals are somewhat protected. You can easily turn the Eglu run into a sheltered, snow-free area. There is are a range of weather protection covers available at Omlet or you could use simple greenhouse film, combined with bubble wrap. This way the run will be a few degrees warmer and windproof on the inside.

In order to help the chickens saving energy and make it a little bit more comfortable for them, you can get an extreme weather jacket for Eglu coops or use tinfoil as it can be found in emergency blankets. The dropping tray can be additionally insulated with an extra thick layer of straw or newspaper. But after all the easiest way is to use the Omlet extreme weather jackets which makes sure that there’s still a good insulation on the inside of the coop.

Pay special attention to the inside of the coop, because the exhalations of the excretions will otherwise accumulate quickly in the interior and irritate the respiratory tract. Good ventilation is also important to remove the humidity, so that the animals do not catch a cold.

A few extra vitamins in the form of fruits, vegetables and herbs can help the immune system. Also onions, garlic and leeks shredded with vegetables or mixed with “flavor enhancers” such as oatmeal, grated carrots, yogurt and oil are very popular.

Now is the ideal time to do a worming cure. If chickens are heavily infested with worms, it weakens them very much.”

If you’re thinking of upgrading your coop, now is the best time to do so.  Here are some of the top benefits of having an Eglu plastic chicken coop vs a wooden one, particularly in winter:

  • Eglu chicken coops and rabbit hutches do not absorb water so they don’t get heavy and remain easy to move.
  • They don’t rot and don’t require painting with varnish or wood stains (also means that you don’t have to move pets out whilst you are waiting for the fumes to go.)
  • They have insulation built in so remain warm.
  • They have draft free ventilation so your pets wont get a nasty chilly breeze coming in.
  • The door locks are made from heavy duty steel and wont break even in the freezing weather.
  • The door handles are all made from plastic so your fingers won’t freeze to them.
  • The door handles are nice and big so you can use them with gloves on.
  • The water container is really quick to lift out so you can take it in at night to prevent it from freezing.

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Top Christmas Gifts For Your Chickens

Chick out this awesome range of cute little Christmas gifts for the crazy chicken lady we all know and love. Including our new range of clothing and accessories featuring our fun loving characters.
















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Black Friday- 50% Off Fido Studio Dog Crates!

50% Savings on Fido Studio Dog Crates, Today Only!

For Black Friday we are offering 50% discount on all of our Fido Studio range, so make sure you don’t miss out on the paw-some offer. Want to treat your pooch to a new palace for Christmas? Or perhaps you’re thinking of getting a puppy this festive season? Make sure they feel safe and cosy in one of our brand new dog crates.

Available in sizes 24″ or 36″ and in White and Walnut, you can tailor your Fido Studio to suit yours and your dogs needs.

Terms and Conditions as follows:

50% off Fido Studio promotion is only valid on Friday 24th November. The offer includes the 24″ and 36″ styles in both white and walnut, with or without the wardrobe plus Fido Studio Accessories.  Discount has already been applied to the products when you order, no promo code required. Subject to availability. Omlet Inc. reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any point. Discount cannot be transferred to delivery. Offer is only valid on fully priced items and cannot be used on existing discounts or in conjunction with any other offer. This offer excludes the Fido Classic Dog Crate. This Black Friday offer will end at midnight on Friday 24th November 2017. Offer is only applicable to products purchased and delivered in the US, exc. Hawaii and Alaska.

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